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Details, Details, Details

Posted on: August 6, 2010

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The big move is less than two weeks away so things are really hectic right now.  This has been a busy week.  There are many details that need my attention.  At the beginning of the summer my university office was readied for my temporary replacement.  Earlier this week I put my car in the repair shop (it was rearended by a school bus while I was sitting in the toll lane at the Triboro Bridge in New York City), made a hair appointment, and purchased a plane ticket to San Antonio.  I also began saying goodbye to friends and relatives.  Next week I will begin packing.

Here are some things to consider when moving:

  • Healthcare

I have a good, but picky/restrictive, HMO plan that will only cover urgent and emergency care for the use of doctors and hospitals out of their network.  So, I’m still trying to get approval from them in order to continue payments for my allergy shots while I’m in Texas.  (Newsflash:  As I was writing this blog post, one of the health plan nurses called to say that the Medical Director gave his approval.  Yippee!)  Fortunately, my vision and dental plans are more flexible so even though I am a little behind in my check-ups I can get eye and tooth care in Texas if needed.  Earlier in the year I had my annual physical exam and associated tests and all is well.  Despite some minor medical issues, I’m a relatively healthy middle-aged woman.

  • Cell Phone

I’m not a gadget geek and did not get a cell phone until this past weekend.  I have a land line phone here and will have one in my Texas apartment.  So, what caused me to go to Walmart on Saturday and buy a prepaid TracFone?  Well, three days prior when I was driving back home from New York in the afternoon, I got a flat tire on Interstate 80 West and my spare tire was not operational.  I was 50 miles from home and didn’t have a cell phone so I needed to rely on the good nature of fellow drivers.  Once I pulled over, put my hazard lights on, and put my “Call Police” banner in the window, I didn’t think it would take long to get help.  I was wrong.  It took two hours before a nice gentleman stopped and allowed me to call AAA from his cell phone in order to get towed home.  (Note to self:  Upgrade AAA coverage so that towing costs are covered for more than three miles).  Lesson learned.  So, I now have a cell phone for travel emergencies.  My family and friends no longer have to worry about me out on the road. 

  • Mail

I had planned to have the post office hold my mail during my absence.  Since the “hold” lasts for only 30 days that would mean that I would need to return home periodically to collect my mail and issue a new “hold” request.  The regular free forwarding of mail wouldn’t work for me since only first-class mail is forwarded and I get several magazines and bulk mail items that I don’t want to lose.  (Given my short stay in Texas, a temporary “change of address” wouldn’t be very practical.)  Neighbors have offered to collect my mail for me but I didn’t want to impose.  However, thanks to an online writers’ forum to which I belong, I think I’ve found a solution to my problem.  The United States Postal Service offers a Premium Forwarding Service for a fee ($15 enrollment fee plus $13.95 per week for re-shipping mail) whereby all mail is forwarded on a weekly basis via Priority Mail.  They say, “It’s like taking your mailbox with you!”  I hadn’t heard of this service before but the freelance writer who has used it for the past three years has found it to be wonderful.  This service is convenient and would be cheaper for me than making multiple trips back to deal with my mail.  So glad I learned of this USPS Premium Forwarding Service.

  • Car Shipping

I certainly got an education in this area as I previously had no idea how the auto transport industry worked.  Essentially, it’s a broker business where car pick-ups are made by referral based on prices posted on a national dispatch board.  The truck drivers select the cars they wish to pick up based on dates, routes, and prices they will be paid.  If you bid too low, your car may never get picked up so it’s better to offer a fair price that is consistent with industry standards.  Broker competition for clients is keen — they want your business and their commission.  On Tuesday, I read a couple of online articles about car shipping and then did a Google search for companies.  I made inquiries via e-mail and requested quotes.  For the next two days I was inundated with over 50 e-mails (I read all of them) and 10 telephone calls from brokers, a few of whom reminded me of car salesmen when pitching their service.  I did my research and selected my top companies based on reputation, quality, and price.  Of primary concern to me was their Better Business Bureau rating.  Then I looked at customer reviews on (be careful with this website as some of the customers were paid for their reviews; this would explain the great number of 5-star ratings).  Ultimately, I chose a company that is Better Business Bureau member with an “A” rating and has excellent customer reviews.  I placed my order yesterday and arranged for pick-up of my 1999 Toyota Corolla in 1-1/2 weeks.  So relieved that this major headache of a task is nearly done.

  • Money

I’ve been budgeting for this move for over a year.  I had to determine my expenses and figure out how to do my banking in Texas (I prefer not to do online banking and bill paying).  Bills will need to be paid, and extra money will be needed for food, gas, textbooks, and miscellaneous purchases.  I made a couple of money transfers between my banks so that I can rely on one main bank account while in Texas; I’ll also have to open up a local bank account as well once I am there.  In addition, I will have my two major credit cards with me.  Access to money is important, and having more than one access route is smart.

As you can see, there are many things that need to be taken care of prior to your move.  These will vary depending on your situation (e.g., job, location, family, length of time away, etc.).  Two books that really helped me and that I highly recommend are:

 Gotta go take care of more details now.





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