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Hispanic Heritage Month

Posted on: September 21, 2010

It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15).  This is a time of celebration for and of Hispanics/Latinos.  Many Spanish-speaking countries achieved independence around this time of year, so we mark their triumph and recognize the achievements of their people during this annual month of celebration.  There are many events, both educational and entertaining, taking place in their honor across the United States.  On my Bloomsburg University campus I always attend the Latino Banquet/Extravaganza that celebrates the heritage, culture, and accomplishments of Hispanics/Latinos.  Now that I’m spending my sabbatical semester in San Antonio, I’ll need to find out what Hispanic Heritage Month events are taking place here.

A few days ago, the October 2010 issue of Latina magazine arrived in my mailbox.  According to Galina Espinoza, Editorial Director & Co-President of Latina, early U.S. Census projections for 2010 estimate that the number of Hispanics/Latinos is 50 million, which represents a more than 40% increase from 2000 (page 18, “From Our Editorial Director“).  According to my textbooks, Counseling Latinos and la familia and Hispanics and the Future of America, the largest groups of Hispanics/Latinos in the United States are, in order, Mexicans, then Puerto Ricans, then Cubans, followed by a growing number of Dominicans, Central Americans, and South Americans.  The United States has become increasingly diverse.  Let’s take this time to celebrate our rich and varied histories, cultures, and achievements.

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