San Antonio Sabbatical


I am a clinical psychologist and writer working at a university in the northeast/mid-Atlantic area of the United States.  Currently (Fall 2010 semester) I am on a sabbatical leave of absence from my job.  During this time I am taking a couple of graduate-level psychology courses which focus on providing psychological services to Spanish speakers.  My goals are to increase my knowledge of multicultural counseling issues and to strengthen my Spanish skills (which are at the intermediate level).

The intended audience for this blog is a broad one, ranging from family and friends to people who have an interest in psychology, Spanish, sabbaticals (and relocating), San Antonio, writing, and reading.  My blog posts will focus on these main themes.

Through this blog I will share my four-month sabbatical experience.  This is my first sabbatical (and first blog) and I am excited about the work-related project I have chosen to pursue.  It is my hope that this blog will inspire you to pursue your own learning experiences.  Come join me on my journey to San Antonio, Texas!

Feel free to LINK to this blog.  Request my permission if you wish to publish any or all of it in any format.  Copyright laws apply.


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